20 Sep 2012

Family want property to be park or playground

8:26 am on 20 September 2012

Relatives of murdered Christchurch woman Rebecca Somerville say they would like the property where she lived to be turned into a public park or playground.

Jason Somerville was sentenced to life in prison in 2010 for the murder of his wife, Rebecca Somerville, and neighbour Tisha Lowry, whose bodies were hidden under the floorboards of the Wainoni Road house.

The house was demolished after a series of arsons and the land has remained bare.

The Burwood-Pegasus Community Board is recommending that the Christchurch City Council buy the now-empty land on Wainoni Road.

The council is believed to have offered about $50,000 to the owners of each cross-lease section, finance company Liberty Financial and Jason Drain from Gisborne.

Mrs Somerville's family originally said they did not want a memorial on the site.

But her uncle, Peter Clifford-Marsh, said they now think a playground or park would honour Mrs Somerville's memory. However, he said they do not want the space named anything linked to her.

Mr Drain said he hopes the council buys his property and believed the land would make a nice public park.