25 Sep 2012

Woman jailed for role in methamphetamine ring

2:09 pm on 25 September 2012

A woman who acted as book-keeper and administrator for her partner's methamphetamine dealing ring has been jailed for five years and 10 months.

Kelly Cole, 38, was sentenced in the High Court at Wellington on Tuesday on a number of charges including conspiracy to supply methamphetamine and money laundering.

Earlier this month Cole's partner Paul Rogers, who ran the drug ring, was jailed for 15 years.

Cole's lawyer, Mike Antunovic, asked Justice Dobson for a merciful sentence, saying his client had suffered physical and sexual abuse since her childhood.

He said her relationship with Rogers was also violent, leading to a number of injuries at his hands, including fractures and head wounds.

Mr Antunovic said in those circumstances Cole participated in the drug ring out of fear for the consequences if she refused.

Justice Dobson accepted that Cole's thought processes would have been affected by the long-standing violence, but said he could not reduce the sentence to a level where home detention was possible.