26 Sep 2012

Coroner wants all CYF carers' homes to be smoke-free

2:38 pm on 26 September 2012

A Christchurch coroner has recommended all babies in Child, Youth and Family (CYF) care be placed in smoke-free homes, after a baby died in its sleep while under the service's care.

The eight-month-old baby girl died of suffocation in Christchurch last year after she became tangled in her blankets in the home of a CYF caregiver, who smoked.

In her report on the case, Coroner Sue Johnson has recommended the Ministry of Social Development set a deadline for making all CYF homes caring for babies smoke-free.

Ms Johnson also says the death shows extra care is needed when putting babies to bed so their faces do not become covered if they roll over, and CYF caregivers need better training in safe sleeping environments.