8 Oct 2012

Debate on fluoridation resumes in South Taranaki

6:13 am on 8 October 2012

The highly polarising debate over putting fluoride in water is resuming in South Taranaki at a series of public meetings.

The towns of Waverley and Patea have never had the chemical added to their water supplies, although Hawera has had it since the 1970s.

Public meetings are being held this week at Waverley and Patea at which those for and against fluoride will get the same amount of time at the meetings to state their case.

Health organisations and dentists advocate fluoride for improving dental health, but others say it doesn't improve it to the extent claimed and has harmful effects.

New Plymouth ended fluoridation last year after 40 years, a move claimed as a victory by anti-fluoride campaigners.

The meetings take place in Waverly on Monday and Patea the following day. The district council will accept submissions until 9 November and make a decision a month later.