19 Oct 2012

Labour to seek out Christchurch opinions

9:22 pm on 19 October 2012

The Labour Party says it is undertaking a mass survey of Christchurch voters to prepare for the next General Election.

Labour MP Chris Hipkins has organised the survey to gauge what the city's voters want leading up to the election in 2014.

Chris Hipkins says volunteers will hand deliver the surveys to 135,000 Christchurch homes this weekend asking for feedback about how the Government is managing issues, including the rebuild and the proposed education reforms.

Labour leader David Shearer gave a high profile speech in the city this week, criticising the Government for its handling of the rebuild.

In the 2011 election, in the aftermath of the earthquakes, the National Party got nearly twice as many party votes in Christchurch as Labour.

The Christchurch Central electorate was only just won by National's Nicky Wagner, after being a Labour-held seat in Parliament for 65 years.