23 Oct 2012

District council resiles on trespass orders

9:07 pm on 23 October 2012

Wanganui District Council has decided not to issue trespass notices banning the sex offender Stewart Murray Wilson from public parks and spaces in Wanganui.

Wilson served almost two decades in jail for offences against women, children and animals.

Shortly after his release to live on the grounds of Wanganui prison in August, the council resolved to ban Wilson from 18 public areas.

After several councillors called for the council to stop wasting money and move on with other important matters, the council voted on Tuesday not to issue any notices.

Although the council's legal advice is that trespass action is enforceable, Senior Sergeant Neil Forlong says the police would not prosecute Wilson from any public spaces because it would not stand up in court.


Wanganui's mayor Annette Main says the police and Corrections officers told the council Wilson's parole conditions included the parks, reserves, and recreational spaces from which they wanted him trespassed.

She says the issue hasn't been a waste of time and residents are much less anxious about Wilson's presence in the community.

A councillor says $78,000 has so been spent by the council in its bid to deal with Wilson.