27 Oct 2012

New NZ land speed records set

6:00 pm on 27 October 2012

An Auckland man broke two New Zealand land speed records at Ohakea airbase in Manawatu on Saturday.

Eddie Freeman, 34, clocked up an average of 355 km/h in his Lamborghini "supercar" to beat the 16-year-old record - set by Owen Evans in 1996 - by seven kilometres an hour.

He then went on to break the record for road-registered cars (using standard petrol rather than aviation fuel), reaching an average speed of 335 km/h - 19 km/h faster than the record set by Ray Williams, also in 1996.

Mr Freeman had to drive one kilometre of runway in both directions and was allowed an extra 800 metres to build up speed. He says it took about 10 seconds to drive one kilometre, and he reached a top speed of 383 km/h.

"There's a few ripples in the runway," he says, "and the acceleration's pretty fierce in this car, so you were bobbing around and visibility's vibrating, the whole car's vibrating...it makes visibility quite difficult."