6 Nov 2012

Pair accused of laser strike on police helicopter

9:15 pm on 6 November 2012

A court has heard a teengager accused of shining a laser light into a police 'Eagle' helicopter told officers he thought it would be fun.

James Spiers, 19, and Joshua O'Hare-Knight, aged 21, are charged with causing unnecessary danger to an aircraft.

They were arrested in May last year after allegedly pointing a laser light at the helicopter while at a friend's birthday party in the Auckland suburb of Mt Albert.

Crown prosecutor Asishana Prasad told the Auckland District Court on Tuesday the glare was so strong the crew on board were distracted and put in danger.

Ms Prasad said the crew directed officers to the party where they spoke to Mr Spiers.

"He admitted to a police officer that he had shone the laser at the helicpoter. Mr Spiers also told the police he saw the Eagle in the sky and he thought it would be a fun thing to shine the laser at the heliopter."

Mr Spiers' lawyer, Scott Leith, says his client denies making the admission.