8 Nov 2012

Morning Report: local papers

7:31 am on 8 November 2012

The US election dominates the front pages of the morning papers.

NZ Herald

The New Zealand Herald features a large picture of President Barack Obama, celebrating his re-election with his family under the headline 'The best is yet to come'. A huge vote delivered an emphatic victory for Obama, but he faces a tough second term with economic crisis at home and hot spots abroad.

Waikato Times

The Waikato Times devotes its entire front page to a photo of President Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden holding their hands aloft as they greeted supporters in Chicago, accompanied by the headline 'Four more years'.

The paper says they were calling it the tightest election race in US history, but in the end President Obama swept to a second term.

Dominion Post

The Dominion Post shares the same headline, with President Obama acknowledging his supporters. The paper reports on his victory speech, where he promised the American people: ''The best is yet to come.''

Mr Obama reiterated his desire to fix the economy and fight for equal opportunity. But he said it would take co-operation from both sides of the political spectrum.

Florida remained too close to call and Mr Romney initially appeared reluctant to concede a razor-thin result in Ohio. But Mr Obama was safe by virtue of decisive wins in Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado and New Hampshire.

The Press

The Press reports on a President who is fired up and ready to go for his second term in office. He reiterated his desire to move ahead with plans to fix the economy and fight for equal opportunity.

However, Republicans maintained their majority in the House of Representatives and a fiscal cliff still looms. That's a compromise deal over government finances which some fear could plunge the US back into recession.


The Otago Daily Times carries the headline 'I have listened to you, I have learned from you'. The paper says the crowd was smaller than it was four years ago, and the venue was indoors, but President Barack Obama's victory party shared a theme with his 2008 election night: hope. In the only other front page story: Olympic shot put champion Valerie Adams and Raylene Bates, the woman who left her off the start list at the London Olympics, are still friends. The two embraced when they met in Dunedin on Wednesday.