9 Nov 2012

Charges against former police officer dismissed

6:12 pm on 9 November 2012

A former police officer accused of letting her lover use her police uniform to steal a car has had the charges dismissed.

Karis Charnley was charged with being a party to theft of an Mitsubishi EVO show car and party to the impersonation of an officer.

While a serving officer, she struck up a casual intimate relationship with known criminal Cameron Ross.

Ross was jailed for taking her uniform and a police pad from her house. He used them to demand the car in February this year.

Ms Charnley, who was suspended from the force, claimed she did not know that the car had been taken but had seen Ross wearing the uniform and was too scared to tell police.

In his ruling, Judge Callaghan said he was not convinced by Karis Charnley's version of events and remains suspicious of her.

However, he said the prosecutor had been unable to prove she knew about the crime.