12 Nov 2012

Gender pay gap widens

9:49 pm on 12 November 2012

Women are getting paid less than men in New Zealand and that the pay gap is getting bigger, official figures show.

The Statistics New Zealand quarterly employment survey shows the gender gap has increased in the year to September by 1.3%, from 12.85% to 14.18%.

According to the survey, women on average are paid about $3.90 an hour less than men.

The Pay Equity Challenge Coalition - a broad alliance of community, employer, union and academic groups - says it is the biggest gender pay gap in about 10 years.

Spokesperson Angela McLeod wants the Government to do something about it. She says research by global financial firm Goldman Sachs shows there will be economic benefits for New Zealand if the wage gap is reduced.

Ms McLeod says the average hourly rate rose 70 cents in the survey period, but the widened pay gap means women missed out on the increase.

The average hourly rate for men is $29.20, while women are paid $25.10.