20 Nov 2012

Auckland looking to boost filming

3:51 pm on 20 November 2012

Auckland's event agency, Ateed, has come up with new rules for boosting television and movie production in the region.

The Auckland Council wants to make it even easier to film there.

The agency, together with the industry umbrella group Film Auckland, has devised a new protocol aimed at streamlining the rules for production companies filming in public spaces.

Film Auckland's manager, Michael Brook, says the protocol creates universal guidelines for the region for the first time.

Ateed says the region already brings in 77% of the country's film industry revenue.

South Pacific Pictures chief executive John Barnett says it's a great move.

"It seems to me the approval processes are quite timely, and they've also set out a whole lot of questions and answers, which in the past I'm not sure that people have had firm rules about those."

The public can make submissions on the proposal until the end of December.