28 Jan 2009

US Army data on $10 MP3 player

8:42 pm on 28 January 2009

The United States Embassy says it's grateful to get back an MP3 player containing sensitive information about the US Army.

The player was bought for $US10 from a thrift store in Oklahoma by Whangarei man Chris Ogle, who found confidential files containing phone numbers, names and social security numbers of American troops on it when he plugged it into a laptop.

He thinks most of the files, which also included a confidential mission briefing, are several years old, dating back to 2005.

Embassy spokesperson Janine Burns says Mr Ogle willingly gave up his MP3 player on Wednesday afternoon and they are thankful for his cooperation.

She says it's not known how the confidential details ended up for sale in a second-hand store.