22 Nov 2012

Dotcom lifestyle questioned

8:05 am on 22 November 2012

The Crown has criticised the ''extravagant'' lifestyle of Kim Dotcom and his wife Mona.

The couple were back at the High Court in Auckland on Wednesday asking for more money to be released from their frozen funds to pay for their employees.

Since Mr Dotcom's arrest in January, when all his assets were seized, various court orders have been made releasing money $60,000 per month for the couple's living expenses.

But a bank account that had $300,000 in it to drip-feed $40,000 month, has dried up.

Mrs Dotcom's lawyer has asked the court for $20,300 per month so she can continue to pay her employees.

Crown lawyer Anne Toohey questioned the need for five nannies, two butlers, a personal assistant and a chef.

Also the Police Commissioner wants to know where Mr Dotcom has found money to pay for - Megabox, a new business venture.

And also where he is getting money to buy the $22 million mansion at Coatesville that he currently rents.

Lawyer Aaron Lloyd responded that there was nothing wrong with his client's husband wanting to get back on his feet and set up a new business

He told the judge that he would supply an updated breakdown of what the money had been spent on.

Justice Potter reserved her decision on whether to release more money.