31 Jan 2009

CTU calls on bank to show commitment to NZ

7:16 am on 31 January 2009

The Council of Trade Unions says businesses such as ANZ-National Bank have to make a choice during the recession - pull together with the rest of New Zealand or act irresponsibly.

On Friday, ANZ-National announced the loss of 100 New Zealand jobs, with 90 going to Bangalore. Another 10 job cuts are due to a restructuring in Auckland.

In April last year, the bank announced that 650 jobs would go in New Zealand, most of them to India.

ANZ-National Bank said on Friday it expected that fewer than 500 jobs will go this year in its outsourcing plan.

The bank said that when it first announced the outsourcing, more people were leaving voluntarily. However, this has slowed, so redeployment of staff would now be harder.

CTU president Helen Kelly said the bank should show a commitment to New Zealand and keep the jobs here.

Ms Kelly said if the country does not pull together, the economy would eventually fall apart.

Bank 'socially irresponsible'

Bank workers' union Finsec criticised ANZ-National for being socially irresponsible in the current economic climate.

Finsec claimed the bank is reneging on a promise that jobs being outsourced to India would not result in job losses in New Zealand.

The union said ANZ-National said last year that no one would need to lose their jobs as a result of outsourcing.

Finsec said the bank is hiding behind the economic downturn and displaying zero social responsibility in pursuit of maximum profits.

The head of corporate communications for ANZ-National, Helen Morgan-Banda, said every effort will be made to redeploy workers in New Zealand.

Ms Morgan-Banda said the bank is looking at how to position itself best for the long term while still working closely with staff.