23 Nov 2012

Christchurch principal wins interim reinstatement

8:48 pm on 23 November 2012

The principal of Christchurch Girls' High School says she has won an interim reinstatement after the board of trustees dismissed her earlier in November.

Prue Taylor's sacking led to a hearing before the Employment Relations Authority this week.

Ms Taylor told the hearing the catalyst for her dismissal appeared to be her decision to stand down the chairperson's daughter, but the board said there were problems with her communication and management style.

Ms Taylor says her lawyer told her on Friday that she has been granted the interim reinstatement.

She says she will return to the school at a date determined by the board, but no later than the day after term ends in the middle of December.

Ms Taylor says she will then work to reconcile with any unhappy colleagues in preparation for the new school year.