27 Nov 2012

School board of trustees chair resigns

9:09 pm on 27 November 2012

The chairperson of the Christchurch Girls' High School board of trustees has resigned.

James Margaritis was one of the senior management group which sacked long-time principal Prue Taylor over what it said was her bullying behaviour towards some staff and a breakdown in her relationship with the board.

Mrs Taylor took the case to the Employment Relations Authority and won an interim reinstatement last week. The authority said there was no justification for her dismissal.

Board member Tim Priddy said on Tuesday that Mr Margaritis has stood down to make it easier for Mrs Taylor to return and feels this would benefit all parties. He will remain a board member.

Mrs Taylor is due to start back in a fortnight. A full hearing regarding her job will be held in on 4 February next year.

Mr Priddy said the issues leading to her sacking have not been given a proper hearing and is looking forward to defending the board's reputation in February.

Meanwhile, the board of trustees on Tuesday asked the Ministry of Education to appoint a limited statutory manager to work alongside the board and the principal. The ministry is considering the request.

At a meeting on Monday there was outrage at Prue Taylor's dismissal during a meeting with the board of trustees and up to 30 parents.

Parent Michel Fivet said the board's arrogance has affected the reputation and status of Christchurch Girls' High School.

Dr Mark Smith, who represented some parents, said if board members can't continue to work with Mrs Taylor, they must resign.