4 Dec 2012

Father angered at school's Bible class stance

9:11 pm on 4 December 2012

A father who does not want his daughter taking Bible studies says the alternative offered by an Auckland state school is ridiculous and borders on illegal.

Jeff McClintock says when he enrolled his seven-year-old daughter at Red Beach School he chose not to have her take part in the school's Values in Action class.

He says the school's decision to put his daughter in a separateclassroom, and in the corner, during the religious studies class is like having her in a naughty corner or detention, and is wrong.

Mr McClintock has complained to the school's Board of Trustees and its principal, demanding a better alternative.

He says his daughter misses out on several days of learning a year while her teachers continue to be paid.

Principal Julie Hepburn would not comment, saying she will wait until board chairman Malcolm Haggerty is back from New York on Friday to make a statement.