4 Dec 2012

CCTV dominates day two of Wellington murder trial

5:53 pm on 4 December 2012

Security camera footage taken on the morning a Radio New Zealand journalist was attacked in a central Wellington street has dominated the second day of the trial of two men charged with his murder.

Nicho Waipuka and Manuel Robinson are charged with the murder of Phillip Cottrell in Boulcott Street as he walked home from an overnight shift shortly after 5.30am on 10 December last year.

The Crown says the two men beat the 43-year-old, who later died from severe head injuries. Both have pleaded not guilty.

On Tuesday, the jury in the High Court at Wellington was shown CCTV clips of Mr Cottrell walking down Boulcott Street just after 5.35am.

They also show the two accused heading up the road.

There is no coverage of Mr Cottrell being attacked but from the last shot taken of him there is about a 30-second break before the two accused are seen running up the street.

The footage also shows the two accused walking around the central city before Mr Cottrell was attacked, and later in the morning at Wellington Railway Station.

Earlier, Mr Cottrell's sister told the court the brittle bone condition he had was mild and did not stop him having an active lifestyle.

Sue Hollows, who has the same bone condition, said her brother loved to travel and was healthy, fit and active.

Friend Andrew Bristol described Mr Cottrell as a cool, calm and collected person who did not like confrontation, and as someone who would not provoke conflict.