5 Dec 2012

Hapu place rahui on reserve used by boat builder

8:48 am on 5 December 2012

A Bay of Islands hapu is placing a rahui (ban) on an Opua reserve in protest over the activities of a local boat builder.

Te Whare Tapu o NgaPuhi and the boat-builder, Doug Schmuck, have been at loggerheads for decades.

The hapu say he is ramping uphis business on the Walls Bay Esplanade Reserve contrary to the Reserves Act and the zoning for the land.

The hapu raised concerns in 2010 about a special clause being inserted into legislation enshrining Mr Schmuck's right to run his business on the site.

It is understood that clause has now been removed from the relevant bill.

Te Whare Tapu o NgaPuhi say unless they are consulted on how the land is managed, they retain the right to impose a rahui on all unwanted activity.

The rahui ceremony was due to begin with a powhiri at 8am on Wednesday and its provisions will apply to the whole of the Opua harbour, including the Walls Bay boat-building site.