11 Dec 2012

Principal misses out on prize-giving

5:01 pm on 11 December 2012

The principal of Christchurch Girls' High School says she regrets not being able to attend the school's prizegiving following her controversial dismissal and reinstatement.

Prue Taylor was dismissed from her role as principal last month, but was granted interim reinstatement after she took her case to the Employment Relations Authority.

The school's board of trustees took the action against Mrs Taylor, claiming there were issues with her management style. However, the authority said there was no justification for her dismissal and the chairperson of the school's board of trustees has since resigned.

As Mrs Taylor was not officially due back at the school until Tuesday, she was not invited to attend Monday night's prizegiving.

A board of trustees spokesperson, Tim Priddy, said Mrs Taylor was not invited to the prizegiving because it would be a disruption to the end of the school year.

He said the Employment Relations Authority commented in its determination that it may not be wise for Mrs Taylor to return before 12 December, in terms of disruption to the end of the school year.