13 Dec 2012

Board releases reasons for denying Macdonald parole

9:58 pm on 13 December 2012

The Parole Board has released the details of why it refused to grant parole to the man acquitted of killing Feilding farmer Scott Guy.

Ewen Macdonald was jailed for five years in September this year for crimes including arson, vandalism and killing calves, committed before his brother-in-law Scott Guy was shot.

The board says Macdonald was unemotional in an interview with his probation officer and tried to shift the blame for his crimes to his co-offender.

A psychological report says he displays narcissistic traits and has an over-controlled personality that relies on denial and repression to cope with anger.

The board denied Macdonald parole, saying it was not satisfied that he does not pose an undue risk to the community.

It says he needs to undergo one-on-one psychiatric counselling and a forensic psychiatric assessment.

Macdonald will be able to apply for parole again in November 2013.