14 Dec 2012

Bain transcript with Binnie released

12:21 pm on 14 December 2012

David Bain told a judge who wrote a report on his compensation claim that his family meant everything to him and he did not kill them.

Justice Ian Binnie's report, released on Thursday, included a full transcript of an interview the judge carried out with David Bain.

In it, Mr Bain talks about the closeness of his family and said killing them was the last thing he would do.

Mr Bain also put up his argument for compensation, saying not only had he served 13 years in prison, he'd had a lifetime of being labelled a convicted killer, a monster and a psychopath.

When asked about the day of the murders, David Bain struggled to recall details clearly and said he remembered a police officer breaking into the house, waving his gun around and shouting something like "five bodies" or "five found", before Mr Bain fainted.

Bain family friend Jan Clark has said Mr Bain often referred to "black hands" in the days after the murders.

When asked by Justice Binnie about the phrase, Mr Bain said the only reason he would have said that was because of the imagery he sees when he thinks of his family being taken away.

Mr Bain revealed his lawyer at the time pushed him for a defence of insanity but he said after meeting several psychiatrists it could not be proven.

David Bain is seeking compensation for wrongful conviction and imprisonment for 13 years in jail, following his 2009 acquittal at a retrial of the murders of his parents and three siblings.

Justice Minister Judith Collins has said Justice Binnie's report is fundamentally flawed and outside its terms of reference.She is not ruling out commissioning a new report.