25 Dec 2012

Record numbers seeking budgeting advice

10:25 am on 25 December 2012

Wellington City Mission says 90 householders have turned over their entire income to mission advisers - a 300% increase from past years.

The advisers pay their bills and return what is left.

The mission said the clients feel so overwhelmed by debt it is the best way in the short term to reduce what they owe, but ideally they will learn how to handle their own money.

There are so many people wanting budgeting advice, it has put a cap at 160 on the number of people it can help at any one time.

Chief executive Michelle Branney said that unless someone's situation is critical, they will have to wait to get advice on managing money.

She also said there is an increasing number of people who have sworn off buying things on credit.

Budgeting services elsewhere also say they are exceptionally busy.