26 Dec 2012

Dargaville police officers bashed

3:55 pm on 26 December 2012

Two police officers needed hospital treatment after being attacked by a group of young drunks, in Dargaville.

The incident began at about 8pm on Tuesday after a group of people were seen damaging letter boxes and street signs.

Police say officers found the group at a party in Tirarau Street, where they assaulted the officers by punching and kicking them to the ground.

One officer was knocked unconscious and a second police officer who tried to protect him was kicked in the head.

Police said one woman used a brick as a weapon and tried to shoot a police officer with his taser. She then smashed it when it failed to fire.

Five men and two women were arrested on a number of charges including escaping from custody.

Most of the seven people were due to appear Whangarei District Court on Boxing Day.

Police said bail will be opposed for most of them and further charges were likely to be laid.

Both officers were taken to Dargaville hospital. They have since been released.

Inspector Tracy Phillips told Summer Report the two officers are battered and bruised.

She said they were well prepared and also carrying batons, but could never have anticipated the attack.