30 Dec 2012

Health and wealth at top of New Year list

3:02 pm on 30 December 2012

Getting fit and saving money are New Zealanders' most popular New Year's resolutions.

Exercising more, losing weight and eating a more healthy diet are at the top of the list for up to half of those surveyed in a Colmar Brunton poll.

Increasing savings was the second most popular goal - something Aucklanders will need to do, as 20% in the region said they were keen to buy a house in 2013.

For people in Christchurch, taking more holidays and reducing stress levels were popular ambitions.

The least popular resolution was to quit smoking.

Getting married and moving overseas were low on the list for all but the 18-29 age bracket, about a tenth of whom had these as a priority.

A clue to whether the goals will be achieved lies in another of the poll's findings - only 15% carried through their resolutions in 2012.

Top New Year's resolutions

Take more exercise (51%)

Increase savings (50%)

Lose weight (46%)

Eat a healthier diet (40%)

Reduce debt (36%)

Have more holidays (33%)

Reduce stress levels (33%)

Drink more water (31%)

Find a new job (19%)

Be more sustainable/environmentally friendly (14%)

Buy a house (14%)

Drink less alcohol (10%)

Have a child/children (8%)

Get a promotion (8%)

Give more to charity (7%)

Get married (5%)

Move overseas (5%)

Stop using a phone while driving (4%)

Quit smoking (3%)

Other (8%)

Source: Colmar Brunton