1 Jan 2013

Police stations still busy after New Year's Eve

3:02 pm on 1 January 2013

Police stations around the country have been full of New Year's Eve party-goers on Tuesday who breached liquor bans, become drunk and disorderly and even violent.

But compared with the tens of thousands who were out enjoying the night, police say the number actually arrested is minor.

The country's New Year's Eve hotspots had the most trouble.

Police in the Coromandel arrested 107 in Whangamata and 118 Whitianga.

While generally pleased with people's behaviour, officers say they were concerned at the number of drunk teenagers - including girls as young as 14.

In Bay of Plenty, officers patrolling the ever-popular Mt Maunganui arrested 74 people.

Further down the coast in Gisborne, the officer in charge at the Rhythm and Vines festival was pleased with how their night went.

Inspector Sam Aberahama says out of 28,100 people at the festival, only 15 were arrested.

In the main centres, Auckland police say there were 65 arrests - and Wellington reported 34 - though those numbers are rising as more people are processed through the cells on Tuesday.

Christchurch crowds were well-behaved with just a few arrests in the city, including one at the Hagley Park event.

In Nelson 28 party goers were arrested.

But in Wanaka police credit the poor weather with keeping the silliness in check, making just five arrests.