5 Mar 2009

Websites unable to use video coverage of Bain trial

8:45 am on 5 March 2009

Some newspaper websites in New Zealand are prevented from using their own video coverage during the David Bain retrial, because there is no provision for this in court media guidelines.

Applications by The New Zealand Herald and Fairfax websites to use video footage, have been turned down.

International newspapers routinely employ staff to produce and broadcast their own audio visual news stories online.

But guidelines in New Zealand are based on media practices as they existed in 2003.

Justice Panckhurst has ruled that he considers it inappropriate to extend coverage to the internet "when the effects and implications of this development have not been considered".

All other media are allowed to make recordings and take photographs.

Management at the Herald and The Press have consulted lawyers over the ruling.

Press editor Andrew Holden says people want to see news via the internet.

A retrial of Mr Bain will begin on Friday. He is accused of murdering his parents and siblings in Dunedin on 20 June, 1994.