31 Jan 2013

Evictions 'come at a bad time'

7:05 am on 31 January 2013

The Christchurch City Missioner says the decision to evict people from 31 council units will exacerbate an already tight rental market.

Residents were told on Tuesday they had 90 days to leave because the buildings fail to meet the current building code. Some say they were told by assessors last year that the properties were okay.

The council is closing the 17 units in the Knightsbridge Lane complex in Aranui, seven units in the 13-unit Louisson Courts complex in Opawa and seven units in the 13-unit Avonheath Courts complex in Redcliffs.

It says more evictions are likely as more council properties are assessed.

City missioner Michael Gorman says the evictions couldn't have come at a worse time, with rents increasing in some parts of Christchurch.

Mr Gorman says one solution would be to bring back the temporary houses brought in after the earthquakes, and rent those out at lower prices.

The council says it will work with the residents to find them new accommodation.

Councillor Glenn Livingstone says the situation could have been handled better, and he will get more information on the evictions from his colleagues.