30 Jan 2013

Auckland region fire crews kept busy

10:39 pm on 30 January 2013

Fire crews have extinguished a large blaze believed to have been deliberately lit next to train tracks in Auckland - one of four fires in the region on Wednesday.

The Fire Service says witnesses saw a man walking up the train tracks in the suburb of Mt Albert lighting fires before 7pm.

It says the blaze, which burnt through 1500 square metres of bush and scrub, is now out.

Spokesperson Jaron Phillips says the train tracks were temporarily closed.

Meanwhile, the Fire Service believes a blaze that threatened dozens of homes in Clendon Park may also have been deliberately lit.

The fire broke out just after 4pm. A skeleton crew of firefighters remain at the scene dampening down hotspots late on Wednesday night.

A fire investigator says the blaze tore through pine trees and mangroves and spread up a bank towards some homes.

Meanwhile, another fire in Snells Beach, just north of Auckland, happened about the same time.

A smaller scrub fire in Makarau, near Orewa, also caused problems for the Fire Service but has been extinguished.