12 Mar 2009

Ham gift puts $100 million of contracts on hold

6:39 pm on 12 March 2009

All contracts being considered by an Auckland City Council committee have been put on hold, after a council officer accepted a ham from a company whose tender he was considering.

The chairman of the transport committee, Ken Baguley, says panel member Bernie Sheary was given the ham at a Christmas party held by John Filmore Contractors.

Mr Sheary was removed from the panel, before any recommendations were made, but the committee has put 10 contracts, totalling more than $100 million on hold so they can be reviewed.

Councillor Denise Roche says it's not about the ham.

She says it's about the fact the council's impartiality was compromised by the actions of this person.

Ms Roche says the committee will now have a meeting in the next 10 days to review how the contracts were tendered.