5 Feb 2013

Man withdrew large sum of money before death

6:34 pm on 5 February 2013

Police investigating the homicide of man who burnt to death say the victim withdrew tens of thousands of dollars hours before his died.

Shalvin Prasad was found burning in scrub in the South Auckland suburb of Kingseat last Thursday.

Police revealed on Tuesday that the 21-year-old took out the substantial sum of money from a term investment account about eight hours before he went missing.

Police won't reveal exactly how much money was withdrawn, but say Mr Prasad took the money out in $100 bills from a teller.

Detective Dave Lynch says officers have not located any the money and believe it is connected to his death, but there is no indication so far that the man was involved in anything illegal.

Mr Lynch says Shalvin Prasad was a naive and innocent person, and officers are looking into the possibility that someone might have taken advantage of him.

He says officers are trying to find out who would have known Mr Prasad had access to that much money, and why he made an unplanned withdrawal.

Mr Lynch says officers are looking at the possibility he was bribed, blackmailed or a victim of fraud.

The Prasad family have told police their son was a hard worker and a diligent saver, and checks of his banking history confirm that the money was gradually saved over a long period of time, Mr Lynch says.