15 Mar 2009

Billboard not intended to offend - DB

11:28 am on 15 March 2009

Dominion Breweries says it has only just become aware of concern about one of its advertising billboards and that it will take it down as soon as possible.

The billboard, on a building in Hamilton's main street, along with at some other centres, promotes a brand of alcohol mix and has prompted complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority.

A company spokesperson says the advertisement is part of a theme series entitled: Would You Rather?

The 12-metre-high billboard asks: "Would you rather watch porn with your mum or your sister?" Next to the question is a picture of a can of drink.

DB says it did not intend to offend people, and the billboard will be removed by the end of the weekend.

A Waikato lobby group says the billboard uses porn to sell alcohol.

Bert Jackson from Voice Waikato says the sign is using pornography to sell a product.

The group has posted its own protest beneath the billboard saying: "This is offensive, porn hurts women and children."

The Advertising Standards Authority says it has received a small number of complaints about the billboard.

The billboard has also prompted calls for stricter vetting of outdoor advertising.

Bob McCoskrie from Family First says all billboards should be vetted before they go up.