8 Jun 2009

Agresearch to resubmit GM research application

1:02 pm on 8 June 2009

Agresearch has vowed to revise and resubmit an application to expand its research into genetically modified animals, after a High Court judge ordered it to be dumped.

Agresearch applied to the Environmental Risk Management Authority to continue and expand its research into cows that have been genetically modified to include human proteins in their milk.

It also wanted to be able to broaden its investigations to include other animals, such as buffalo, possums, guinea pigs and sheep.

A High Court ruling said the application was too general and stated that ERMA erred in law by agreeing to receive the application in the first place.

It ordered the application to be set aside and the ERMA should take no further steps to assess it.

AgResearch says it's disappointed with the decision, which means it will lose valuable time in advancing its research and opportunities to capitalise on it.

However, science and technology general manager Dr Jimmy Suttie says Agresearch will revise its application to ERMA and submit alternatives.

He says the organisation believes it is necessary to secure the opportunity for New Zealand to do this type of research and provide options for the pastoral industry.

ERMA says it needs time to read and consider the High Court decision, but has stopped all work processing the application in accordance with the judgement.