17 Mar 2009

Demand for glass will increase, says recycling group

3:12 pm on 17 March 2009

A recycling forum says the demand for high quality glass sorted by colour is not being recognised by councils and recycling centres around New Zealand.

Glass Packaging Forum general manager John Webber says there is an unprecedented demand for colour-sorted glass to melt down and reuse.

He says glass manufacturer O-I New Zealand wants to increase the amount it recycles by 70,000 tonnes per year to feed a new $83 million furnace in Auckland. Glass is being shipped to Auckland to stockpile for when the furnace begins operating.

Mr Webber says most council-owned recycling systems put glass with other recyclables making it unusable in the melting process.

He says there is huge value in recycled glass as it does not depreciate in value as paper or plastic does.