15 Feb 2013

Budding entrepreneurs told to drop 'she'll be right' attitude

8:00 am on 15 February 2013

An advisor to the US government on innovation says New Zealand's budding entrepreneurs have to drop their "she'll be right" attitude if they want to succeed.

Ken Morse, co-founder of six high-tech companies, is holding seminars in New Zealand on global sales strategies for entrepreneurs.

After 10 years of visiting New Zealand Mr Morse has a new message.

"'She'll be right' used to be charming but now it's risky and outdated," he says, adding that hope is not a strategy.

Mr Morse says making it up as you go along used to be possible when the pace of competition was slower but companies now get only one chance to make a good impression with customers around the world.

He says lifestyle companies with no ambitions to grow don't deserve government support and the money should go to firms that aim to be worth $100 million.

Mr Morse describes himself as a serial entrepreneur. He says these tend to be much more successful the second and third time because they have made all the mistakes and are able to attract more ambitious capital.