6 Mar 2013

Complaints about oil and gas development

10:08 am on 6 March 2013

Residents from a rural community in North Taranaki say they have had a gutsful of oil and gas development ruining where they live.

At a public meeting on Tuesday in Tikorangi, near Waitara, residents aired a list of complaints, calling on officials and councillors from Taranaki Regional and New Plymouth District councils to improve the situation.

Tikorangi is in the middle of rapidly expanding development with more than 80 consents for wells issued or being considered by the district council.

At least a dozen residents spoke of heavy traffic, falling land values, noises as loud as a plane landing and feelings of helplessness.

Organiser Abbie Jury put forward a list of things the councils needs to consider, including making consents notifiable and improving traffic and noise monitoring.