11 Mar 2013

Evidence on mine blast vibration at Waihi hearing

7:57 pm on 11 March 2013

A mining company consultant has told a resource consent hearing for a new underground mine it's difficult to find a mine blast vibration to suit everyone because people feel blasts differently.

Newmont Waihi Gold has applied to the Hauraki District Council for resource consent for its Golden Link project, including plans to dig under more than 40 homes in Waihi East.

A consultant from the company, Dr John Heilig, produced a graph at Monday's hearing showing people living in two different houses in Waihi East would feel similar vibrations differently.

The resource consent hearing was adjourned in December when the three independent commissioners drew up a further 26 questions for Newmont Waihi Gold to answer, mostly about vibration.

Submitters were also given the opportunity to respond to the applicant's answers before the hearing resumed on Monday.

This week the commissioners will also visit houses to experience what happens during a mine blast.

About 500 written submissions were received on the application, with the majority in support and 115 opposed.