11 Mar 2013

Police condemn boy racers for risking lives

7:57 pm on 11 March 2013

Police say boy racers are putting lives at risk, after a 21-year-old woman ended up in hospital in a coma following a crash in Hawke's Bay at the weekend.

She was one of four passengers in a car being driven by her 22-year-old brother on the outskirts of Havelock North in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Police say the car was travelling as part of a boy racer "chain" and speed was a major factor.

They say the driver, the only person wearing a seat belt, was trying to pass another car.

Police say they are interviewing a number of young people.

The woman is in Hawke's Bay Hospital's intensive care unit.

The accident comes two weeks after Maree Shafer, 18, died after the car she was travelling in crashed during a high-speed race in Napier.

Sergeant Clint Adamson says boy racers need to realise their version of having fun is killing people.

"We understand that they want to go out and have fun but they need to take some ownership of some of the stupid behaviours that are happening every week that they go out. They're doing things that are clearly putting themselves and other people at risk."

He says he is also concerned by the number of young people not wearing seatbelts in those situations.