16 Mar 2013

Dunedin's luxury hotel backer named

6:28 pm on 16 March 2013

A University of Otago graduate married to a Chinese-born construction company owner has confirmed she is behind plans for a controversial luxury hotel on Dunedin's waterfront.

Jing Song, who runs her own consulting business and a company that exports wines to China, has released a statement detailing her background and her links to the city.

Jing Song wants to build a hotel in Dunedin.

Jing Song wants to build a hotel in Dunedin. Photo: BETTERWAYS ADVISORY LTD

She attended Otago University and spent about eight years living in Dunedin.

Ms Song believes the multi-million dollar project will create a massive boost to the commercial building sector and employ more than 100 people.

Dunedin mayor Dave Cull says some people had been uneasy about the lack of information on the developers and those concerns should now be laid to rest.

However, Mr Cull says the identity of the backers should make no difference to the resource consent process, as the proposal will be judged against the Resource Management Act and the District Plan.

The resource consent hearing will resume on Monday.