19 Mar 2013

Nelson man planned to fly plane into court

6:54 pm on 19 March 2013

A Nelson man who committed a series of crimes has told police he was planning to fly a stolen plane into the city's courthouse.

Travis Doel, 24, pleaded guilty in the Nelson District Court on Monday to a raft of charges including arson, burglary and unlawfully interfering with a plane.

A police summary reveals he told officers he been hearing voices telling him to carry out crimes against people he felt wronged by.

It says that when bailiffs seized his car because of unpaid fines he was so enraged he set fire to the storage centre from which the car had been towed.

He also set fire to the Tender Centre, which had towed his car.

Then, angered by a dispute with the Public Trust over his dead mother's estate, he drove into that building as well.

Finally, he forced a pocketknife into a plane's ignition at Nelson Airport.

Doel will be sentenced on 30 April.