19 Mar 2013

Youths sentenced to supervision for arson spree

7:08 pm on 19 March 2013

Two youths who admitted setting fires in the Wellington suburb of Kilbirnie have been sentenced to a total of 9 months supervision and community work.

The 16-year-olds, who cannot be named, were sentenced on Tuesday in the Youth Court in Wellington.

A statement from the woman whose property was worst affected by fire says she had only just done renovations to the house when it was set alight.

She had 150 personal items written off as a result of the fire, some of which were irreplaceable gifts from friends and family.

Judge Carrie Wainwright says the arson spree is the worst offending she had seen in the Youth Court and the potential it had to cause even worse consequences was frightening.

As well as the supervision sentence, she ordered each of the boys to pay reparation.