23 Mar 2013

Boy racers protest tougher policing

7:05 am on 23 March 2013

A Christchurch boy racer who supports a protest against the police says boy racers are being unnecessarily harassed by police.

The police in Christchurch are four weeks into an operation to clamp down on boy- racer activity.

On Friday, protesters were asked to stage a peaceful demonstration by parking outside the central city police station.

They say in a Facebook website that they are tired of being harassed and targetted.

Tim Cummings says the police are targetting boy racers and they want to make a stand against it.

He says a small number of boy racers do break the law but he hopes the protest will prove that most of them are respectful and law-abiding.

A Governors Bay resident, Kim Kelleher, says her community has had serious problems with boy racers breaking bottles, driving dangerously and getting into arguments with residents in recent weeks.

She says it's ridiculous the boy racers think they have the right to protest against the police who are just doing their job.