9 Apr 2009

Victim says sex predator beat others who complained

6:59 am on 9 April 2009

A victim of a Taranaki man jailed indefinitely after 30 years of sex attacks on children and teenagers says other victims were beaten when they complained to authorities.

Police say they were worried - but needed proof.

Peter Robert Jordan, 64, was sentenced in the High Court at New Plymouth on Wedneday to preventive detention with a minimum non-parole period of 12 years.

His latest convictions include 15 counts of rape against three boys, including one representative charge, and other attempted or actual sexual violations and assaults.

Jordan set himself up as a counsellor for troubled youth in Waitara, attracting one boy who was 14 when the attacks began, another who had turned 16 the day before, and a third who had a mental illness.

His previous convictions - mostly against boys - date back to 1978, and Justice Venning told the court on Wednesday that breaks in his offending are largely explained by time he spent in jail.

Justice Venning said Jordan deserves the label of sexual predator. He said Jordan still claims police manipulated victims to give evidence.

One person who testified against him said Jordan had victims beaten for complaining, and many were too afraid to take the stand.

Detective Carol Tipler said police kept a close watch on Jordan and were worried but had to wait for evidence - although they did approach potential victims to offer help.

Ms Tipler said Jordan's one-year sentence in 2005 for historical crimes had to be based on the penalties available at the time of the offending.

The Crown solicitor in New Plymouth, Tim Brewer, says Jordan swindled vulnerable young people out of their innocence.

Jordan will be 76 years old before he is considered for release.