30 Mar 2013

Woman died after being mauled by dogs

6:24 pm on 30 March 2013

Police believe a woman whose body was found at a property in Redvale, just outside of Auckland, was mauled by two large dogs.

Chloe Mathewson.

Chloe Mathewson. Photo: NZ POLICE

Chloe Jane Mathewson died on Friday morning after two of three dogs belonging to the owner of the property, attacked her.

Police say a post-mortem has confirmed the 31-year-old from Rosedale suffered horrific injuries inflicted by the animals.

They do not believe any other person was physically involved in her death.

Police say it appears she wandered out of the house and shortly afterwards, was set upon by two of the dogs.

They say three dogs were killed on Friday after being removed by animal control.

Police say a 52-year-old man who lives at the property is helping them with the investigation and will not say yet whether any charges will be laid.