2 Apr 2013

Fine for train fare evasion to double

6:42 am on 2 April 2013

Fare evaders on Auckland's commuter trains are about to be hit with heftier penalties.

The penalty is about to almost double and the city's transport agency is investing in new equipment and systems to further crack down on fare evasion.

Auckland Transport believes 6-10% of rail passengers are travelling free. In one operation six months ago, 15% of the commuters checked at Henderson had no ticket.

During a two month period 880 passengers have had to pay a $10.30 fare for riding without a ticket.

From 7 April the penalty will rise to $20 and moves are being made to change laws to allow hefty instant fines.

The agency is also considering installing electronic ticket gates at four more stations, meaning 80% of travellers would have to pass through barriers.