12 Apr 2013

Stewart Murray Wilson appeals supervision order

10:36 am on 12 April 2013

A lawyer for the Corrections Department says the risk of serial rapist Stewart Murray Wilson re-offending will not reduce with age and an extended supervision order imposed on him should stay.

Wilson on Thursday appealed against the order, which is generally issued against child sex offenders and allows Corrections to monitor them in the community for 10 years after their sentence expires.

The Court of Appeal hearing in Wellington comes a day after the board ruled that the 66-year-old must serve out the remainder of his sentence after his recall to prison for phoning a woman in breach of his release conditions.

Wilson has already served 16 years for multiple rapes of women, stupefying, ill-treatment of children and bestiality, which he still denies. He was released to a house on Whanganui Prison grounds in August 2012, but returned to jail in February this year.

His lawyer, Andrew McKenzie, told the court on Thursday that his client has committed three crimes involving children - including a serious rape - but his offending was generally against adult women.

Mr McKenzie that and Wilson would be less likely to offend as gets older and said the serious offending happened when he was 37.

But a lawyer for Corrections, Stephanie Edwards, said Wilson targeted the vulnerable and had unique characteristics that meant age would have no effect on his sexual deviance.

"The appellant's pattern of targeting vulnerable victims is likely to intensify as he ages and loses any ability to control his victims with physical strength."

The order will come into effect when Wilson's sentence expires in 2015 and contain special conditions set by the Parole Board.

The Court of Appeal has reserved its decision on Wilson's appeal.