16 Apr 2013

Dotcom has no legal claims against police: lawyer

12:18 pm on 16 April 2013

Crown lawyers have told a court Kim Dotcom has no legal right to claim anything against the police.

Lawyers for the internet entrepreneur were at the High Court in Auckland on Tuesday trying to have property police seized during an illegal raid on his home returned.

A lawyer for the Crown, Kristy McDonald QC, told the court that even if the search warrants had been perfect, it would have made little if any difference to how the raid was carried out.

In June last year, the High Court ruled the warrants were too broad and therefore invalid.

Ms McDonald said when police arrived to arrest Dotcom at his home in January last year, he was provided with lists of the charges against him and the electronic evidence to be seized, and the search warrant itself.

She said even though the warrant had defects, Dotcom was not misled about what was taking place.

Dotcom's lawyers are yet to respond, but in previous hearings have said their client's computer hard-drives should be returned, especially those with personal information.