19 Apr 2013

Record numbers watching TV online

7:07 am on 19 April 2013

A broadcasting commentator says although record numbers of people are choosing to watch shows online, television sets are still the dominant viewing platform.

TVNZ recorded more than 3 million views on its on-demand service for March - up 34% on the same month last year - and competitor MediaWorks recorded 2.3 million.

TVNZ's chief executive, Kevin Kenrick, says there's been a momentous shift in viewing behaviour since the on-demand service began in 2007.

He says the figures prove there's a growing demand for more flexible viewing platforms.

However, broadcasting commentator Martin Gillman says on-demand viewing still makes up only about 1% of overall viewing figures.

He says the record numbers are not yet a significant shift in viewing behaviour though people will increasingly want to take control of what they watch.