23 Apr 2013

Morning Report: local papers

7:05 am on 23 April 2013

Tuesday's headlines: Catholics, Baptists, Ratana, Mormons and Muslims are unlikely to bend their opposition to gay marriage; Labour MP Lianne Dalziel keeping quiet about mayoral intentions; Chinese charged twice as much as whites to enter a Hamilton bar on Sunday.

NZ Herald

The New Zealand Herald leads with a ban on gay marriage by some of the country's main religions. The paper says a survey has found that five of the top ten - Catholics, Baptists, Ratana, Mormons and Muslims - are unlikely to bend their strict opposition to gay marriage.

The new law says celebrants from organisations approved to conduct marriage, are not obliged to marry a same sex couple if it's against the beliefs of their organisation.

Waikato Times

The Waikato Times says a group of New Zealand-born Chinese claim they were charged twice as much as others in their group to enter a Hamilton bar on Sunday. The paper says they paid $10 to get into Bar101 while their white friend paid $5. One of the group, Kingsley Sam, said he's not 100% sure if it was racial discrimination, but it felt like it.

Dominion Post

The Dominion Post leads with the sale of Mighty River Power, which is to go ahead despite warnings that the opposition's electricity policy proposals will bring down its value. The Government temporarily suspended the share offer on Monday, giving investors who had already paid the chance to get their money back.

Surfers are pictured walking through deep snow to get to waves in the demillitarised zone between North and South Korea. New Zealand photographer Shannon Aston, who now lives in Seoul took the photo, and said the army's presence in the area, while inescapable, did not feel dangerous.

The Press

The Press says police are to interview three foreign trampers found sheltering in a hut, more than a week after they were due back from the Kahurangi National Park.

Labour MP Lianne Dalziel has not yet committed to a shot at the mayoralty in the upcoming elections. The paper says she used a speech on Monday night to criticise the governance of Christchurch, but has not yet confirmed her bid for the top job.


The Otago Daily Times leads with fans of American rock band Aerosmith crying foul over last minute ticket discounts for a Dunedin concert on Wednesday. Promoter Jackie Sanders told the paper the discounts are intended to fill gaps in cheaper areas of the stadium, that are difficult to sell.

An Australian groom-to-be will spend part of his first day of wedded bliss in Invercargill District Court facing charges of assault, following an incident in Queenstown on Sunday.